Suspended Ceiling choices from Pyramid Interior Solutions

What is a suspended ceiling system?

Lay-in Grid ceiling for Toyota Showroom

Lay-in Grid is a modular system, usually with an exposed coated metal frame supporting individual panels or tiles

Bespoke drywall ceiling and wall panelling for retail space

MF (short for Metal Furring) has the appearance of a traditional plaster ceiling, with its supporting metal frame work clad in plasterboard with a decorated finish

Also sometimes known as False ceilings or Drop ceilings.

Why choose a suspended ceiling?

Both systems are excellent for concealing irregular existing structures and services. MF systems are generally regarded as more permanent, as the modular structure of Lay-in Grid is generally demountable without specialist tools.

“why not take advantage of our free survey service?”

The ceiling can support insulation to control heat transfer, or reduce the noise propagation of services or equipment. Lay-in Grid tile finishes are commonly designed to reduce acoustic echo in the room. MF ceiling boards are also available with perforations to reduce echo.

mf ceiling bulkhead lay in grid led
MF Ceiling with concealed LED perimeter to accent Lay-in Grid

What we do

Here at Pyramid Interior Solutions we specialise in both systems, and often combine perimeter areas of MF with central fields of Lay-in Grid. With the advent of low-cost LED lighting, stunning bespoke plasterboard MF features are within relatively modest budgets.

How much is a suspended ceiling?

We work closely with industry leading suppliers to ensure we can offer the keenest prices for quality materials.

While we can offer a simple estimate based upon the square meterage over the phone, installation costs will depend upon the individual project – key considerations will be ease of access for material deliveries, height of soffit or existing roof, and finished ceiling height.

Instead, why not take advantage of our free survey service? We will conduct a comprehensive assessment and can offer experienced advice.

We then will provide you with a clear written quotation, fixed for 30 days.

New Lay in Grid Ceiling for The Royal British Legion (Portsmouth South)gg
New Lay-in Grid Ceiling for The Royal British Legion (Portsmouth South) LED Lighting Panels